Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well I guess the biggest thing that has happened this year was that Jared was deployed with the National Guard to serve for 18 months along with his brother in Afghanistan. We received the call that he was being deployed the week we came home from the hospital with Boston. We just hit our year mark of Jared being gone and it has been a long haul, but we just take it day by day and pray that our husband and daddy will return to us safely.


MamaMandi said...

I didn't know you had a blog lady! Yay! We are all computer nerds! What a cute picture. He will come home safe!! Check out my blog, I just added, and get going on the family blog!! We miss you guys a TON!!! Remember, if you get lonely, you are ALWAYS welcome here. We have made some really cute friends. You would have a blast if you came to visit. Love ya!

MamaMandi said...
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