Monday, July 16, 2007

Willow Flats Reunion 2007.

So last week was Jared's family reunion. This is his big one up in Preston Idaho. It's called willow flats reunion because that is the name of the camp grounds we stay at. It is all of Jared's mom's the Gordon Bergquist family, and then all of his grandpa's brothers and sisters and their extented family. So basically a lot of second and third cousins that we really don't know. It is kinda like our roylance reunions we used to have, but bigger. Anyway we packed up our car on thursday and headed out with Travis and September, and Nathan and Hailey. Crystal and Heidi rode with Travis and September, so we had a good size group driving up that day. It took us a while to actually get there cause we stopped twice to eat and went in and sat down so the kids could get out of the car for a while. By the time we got up there it was dark, but we had no problem setting up the tents....or should I say the boys had no problem. We went right to bed once we were set up. Then the next day usually some of the men from the camp go down the mountain to Logan and go golfing and the women go to walmart to get any last minute food items we need for the rest of the week...oh and lots of ice for our coolers. Well the boys, Jared, Travis, and Nathan just stayed up on the mountain and us girls went down and got more food and ice. The rest of that day we just hung out. Then saturday is when all the extented family stuff goes on....mainly the horseshoes competetion....which is halarious. I have never played before, but I got paired with my Aunt Annie who is so cute, and so not competitive, and we actually ended up taking second all together to September and Crystal who were on a team. It was funny though cause the first round we played was against these hardcore older women in their 60's. I think one was jared's second cousin....anyway she was really anal and funny about scoring...I think she was mad that we beat her. I kept calling her the horseshoe nazi, not to her face of course. Anyway so that was funny. I got way too much sun through that day and by mid afternoon I felt really sick. So the older boys left to go with their grandpa up to a cabin that he used to live in and I took boston down to the river (which was freezing) and sat my chair in the shallow water and shade and stayed there till they got back. I was so hot. Boston liked it though....he just sat on my lap and threw rocks in the water. My sister-in-laws found me and thought it was a good idea so they came down with their chairs too. I love being able to hang out with all of them. We always have such a good time just talking.
The next day was Sunday and they always have a short meeting for church before everyone we went to that and then had to hit the road. So here are all my pictures from the trip.

Jared with his tomahawk throwing it at the tree....he is so funny. He had his gun on his hip the whole time too....

Here are some pictures of the boys cutting come fire wood for us. They are such mountain men!
Me and all my sister-in-laws. I love those girls. We have so much fun together.
Me and Boston....he's my little sweetheart. He loves being up camping. When we had to leave to go home he said, "no mommy....I camp."
Here is Boston and Taya....they were pooped. It was really hot. So they took a little time out and sat in the camping chairs while us girls talked.
Boston and Keaton trying to attack their aunt Heidi. They love their Aunts....I think they were trying to tickle her or lick her face or something.
Here is me and Boston asleep on our air mattress. We took a crib for Boston but he would wake up really early, and so we would stick him in bed with us so he wouldn't wake everyone up. I wasn't really asleep anymore....I just wanted Jared to get a picture of Boston cause I thought he looked really cute sleeping.
Here is a cute picture of Maili. She can't walk yet but she so wanted to be down and moving in the dirt. She is Brandon and Jenny's little girl. She just turned 1. I think she was eating rocks in this picture.
Ok I just had to put this picutre in because it was Saturday morning and Brent (Jared's dad) was standing there in his garment top talking to all of us, and he was trying to be very sentimental and he was saying,"being here with all my kids and grandkids...." and he paused, and Crystal piped in and said, "makes you want to put a shirt on!" It was halarious. Crystal is so sassy. I couldn't help but laugh.


mumovearls said...

how fun I can't believe how big Boston is getting! Camping looks like you guys had a great time! And we will see you soon -this weekend -nena

ashleyboice said...

By saying it was just like a Roylance reunion...are you saying that you got in pinecone fights with the other families??

Myca said...

ASh that is halarious....I totally remember that...actually I remember getting hit in the head and running over crying like a big baby and telling on all our second cousins....too funny.