Friday, August 31, 2007

Bunko Night.

So last night was all girls bunko night. Once a month we have this huge group of girls that get together with lots of good food, and no kids, and play bunko. Now this is only the second month that I have participated but both times have been really fun. Now I know that my friend alisha is going to totally disagree, but sometimes I think that I could have just as good of a time with Jared and Boston. Now maybe it is the fact that I am not a stay home mom and that I work full time so I don't get to be at home ALL the time, or maybe it is because I was separated from Jared for SO long, or maybe it's just my personality. Whatever the reason is I just really love to spend my time with my own little family. Don't get me wrong I really do love that time where there are all these girls talking and laughing and we don't have our kids to worry about, but I always have the thought of getting home to Jared and Boston in the back of my mind. Plus the whole "no kids" thing is nice, but I really can have that any time I need because Jared really does a good job of helping me with Boston and taking him when I need a break. So maybe I am a little weird, or just really blessed. But don't worry lish.....I still wouldn't miss bunko night unless I had a really good reason....cause it really is way too much fun!

So these pictures have nothing to do with bunko night, but I thought they were funny. When we were home for the reunion one day Jared had on a pair of socks and Boston would not stop bugging him to wear some, but I didn't pack him any seeing that he wears sandals all summer. So Jared found him this random pair of mens socks. He did not want to take them off.


mumovearls said...

so cute
glad we will be seeing this weeking

Alisha said...

Oh Myca,
I know what you are saying, I just love seeing the girls that I don't get to see that often. I also LOVE playing games. Maybe you will feel different when you have two and you are home with them all day. For now, enjoy the fact that you love spending time with your family. I don't mean to say that I don't, because I love spending time with my family, but I definitely need break time. I'm glad you arenot going to ditch me though!

Samantha said...

Myca I totally feel you. When I was working girls in my ward would always have girl nights, and i'd go, (to bunko too) but I always had my family in the back of my head. i felt like i didn't really NEED a girls night. Then once I stopped working, it totally changed. There's something about not having adult conversation that can be wearing. Now I love a girls night, but that was only after i stopped working.

dirty>south said...

I love girls night out too. it's always a good time.

oh wait. just wanted to say thanks fo' the ride from the airport today. talk to you later