Monday, August 13, 2007

Oh the Pain!

So after a very long weekend of work (I walked around with tears in my eyes cause of the pain), and much debate about whether or not to check myself into the ER, I finally have some resolution to my back pain that I was experiencing this weekend. Just so you know the pain finally subsided today....and no I didn't check myself into the ER. I decided to just wait it out till I could actually talk to my dr. today. Of course once she called me today I told her that the pain had subsided, and wasn't bothering me nearly as much as it did this weekend. She asked me if I had ever had any kidney problems before, or any other symptoms of a UTI and I told her know. She said that she thinks that the problem was either kidney related or what is called Round Ligament Syndrome. She says it's very common for women in their second or third pregnancy to experience pain like that because of the stretching of this can often be confused with kidney pain or kidney problems. So if the pain gets bad again I just have to call her and they will do some tests and check it out to be sure it isn't kidney a stone! Yikes....that would really suck. I hope it doesn't get bad again cause I thought I was gonna die.


Kimmy said...

Aaron had a kidney stone a few years ago. That wasn't too fun. Hopefully you won't have to deal with that. Well, at least the pain has gone away for now!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

so gald that has gone away for now! i can't imagine pulling your schedule with pain like that. Jared is totally right you are a trooper. Way to go. take care of yourself or at least let jared take care of you while you grow that babe!