Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Alysha's Wedding Weekend.

So my sister has finally tied the knot. I am so excited for Alysha....the wedding was amazing. I love Brandon like he is one of my own brothers. He fits Alysha and our family so perfectly. I love to sit back and watch him intereact with Jared and my brothers. They are all way too funny together. It's like they have all been buddies since childhood, and that is always how I imagined it would be. I love they are such good friends.
So the trip to California was really fun. I wouldn't say it was relaxing even a little bit, but it was really fun to be together as a family, and meet all of Brandon's family. We got in wednesday night and my parents, collin and mandi, and jared and I all stayed at the residents inn together....thanks to mandi's dad. He had frequent flyer miles and got us the hotel for free. That saved us a ton of money. Thursday we got up and all of us except for Brandon and Alysha went to disneyland for the day. It was fun. I went on all the rides even though they advised not to since I was pregnant....I wasn't gonna pay 65 dollars....yeah you read right.....65 dollars to walk around all day. So I enjoyed all the rides with everyone else. We ended up having a HUGE water fight on splash mountain. It was jared and ryan in the front, me and Nena in the middle and collin and mandi in the back. Jared and ryan kept trying to soak collin in the very back, but ended up repeatedly dumping water in my face and lap trying to reach him. I will admit I kinda got pissed at one point and stood up yelling at the boys to stop in the middle of the ride. We got off the ride and it was like we had fully jumped in the water with our clothes on. Yeah just a little uncomfortable....soaking wet in jeans, and pregnant. I got over it though. It was pretty funny. The people in charge of the ride kept coming on the intercom saying "please keep your hands inside the boat." "Please no standing..." I can't imagine who they were talking to. Hahaha.
The rest of the weekend was a whirl wind. We had the bridal shower, full day of waxing (alysha is very brave), manicures and pedicures, and the open house on friday. Then Friday night we drove to San diego since the wedding was there. We had a little bit of a bachlorette party for alysha which her friend amanda threw. Lets just say the highlight of the night was spent laughing at an incident with a pole that went flying across the room with alysha still hanging onto it. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. We were so tired though that the party didn't really last and we all went to bed.

We got up early on saturday and did Alysha's hair and helped her get ready. She looked so beautiful at the temple. It was so awesome that I was able to be there for it. I always thought growing up that I would be too young and I wouldn't get to be in the temple for her wedding, but we both lucked out. She had been through the temple for her mission by the time I got married so she got to be there for mine, and she got married quite a while after me so I got to be there for hers. Anyway the only thing that stunk was that we ended up having to rush out back to L.A. right after the session to make it to our flight on time. We barely made it to the airport 30 mins before our flight was supposed to leave. Then to top it off, once we got up to security we realized that they had given us two tickets in Jared's name so we had to run back down and get a new ticket. Then when we got back up to security we got stopped for the extra security screening. I was almost in tears cause I thought for sure we were going to miss our flight and be stuck since we were flying stand by. Luckily we made it though. What a crazy weekend.

Now we have a whole new dynamic to look forward to in our family....alysha is married! Ahh that is so crazy. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Brandon and Alysha.

Oh so I can't forget.....we left boston with Jared's mom for the weekend. Boston LOVES his grandma Frogley. So she comes to pick him up the day we are leaving and this is the conversation I have with Boston after I have put him in his carseat in Becky's car.

Me: "Ok I love you bud, be good for grandma..."

Boston: "Ok mom, close it (meaning the door)"

Me: " Boston we are going bye bye, I love you. "

Boston: "Yeah, yuv you mom, close it. "

Me: " Boston we are going bye bye and we'll miss you"

Jared: "Babe! He knows and obviously isn't upset about it so let him go before you get him worked up about it. "

Me: "Ok....see ya bud" and I close the door finally....

Boston: through the open window "see ya" as he waves his hand like it's no big deal.

The kid cracks me up. He didn't miss us one little bit. When we got out to Jared's parent's house he was mad that we were taking him home. He was excited to see us and everything, but still wanted to stay at grandma's house. Too funny.

So here are some pictures from Disneyland. They are not my favorite of me, but I rarely get pictures of the two of us so....I will have to deal with the chubby face. Us waiting to get on a ride. P.S. the dates are obviously wrong on all these pictures.

The whole group.....
Riding the Pirates of the Carribean ride....very fun.
I don't think this picture does it justice....this was us after splash mountain. We were soaked.
Me and Alysha making the late, and long drive up to San Diego after the open house.


MamaMandi said...

So fun...I got laughing all over agian when I read the pole thing....too funny. Would you send me the pics from Disney Land on either email? I really want to scrapbook that. We miss you already!

MamaMandi said...
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Tom Earl said...

Man I miss you guys! That was too fun!

Samantha said...

it was so fun to see you. I'm so sad that I didn't get to stay for pictures at the temple. and shame on you for the "chubby face" remark. You look so beautiful.

Lindsay said...

Alysha's wedding was fun and I am so happy for her. You look fabulous pregnant. I understand how your feeling though. I just went to the doctor and I gained 6 lbs in one month...and 5 lbs the month before that and the month before that. My doctor keeps saying, "Wow, you look good, but man, you are really putting on the pounds." Just what you want to hear, I know.

ashleyboice said...

Myca, how did they let you on splash mountain pregnant. I went last when I was pregnant with rob and they wouldn't let me on anything (of course I was 36 weeks along)

Kimmy said...

I'm so glad you guys had a nice trip. I'm so happy for Alysha. She looks beautiful in the pictures. I bet it was nice to get away from work and school for you both!

Samantha & Tyrel Ross said...

What a fun trip!! That pictures of Alysha and you and is beautiful. alysha made a beautiful bride!!!