Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Keep on Keeping on

So i figure that i can say whatever i want on this site because it my history too. Well today i was thinking that i love my wife and she is so rad in taking care of her boys. She always asks us what we want to eat and when we say negatory she offers other ideas. What a rad mom/wife. I know that this probably lame to most who already have more than one kid but i can't wait to be there to see Tayden do the baby stuff. I missed the excitement of the first one so what i really want to say is is that it will be rad to force him to do things like baby push=ups and make him crawl, and baby torture. I never have said this but i was jealous for so long because Myca got to stay home from the war and J/k see our little one grown up. i would hear things like Boston did this and Boston can do that but all i wanted to do is be there. I'm here for this one so it will be rad.
So school is getting better and my math ninja teacher is still a ninja but i have been taking ninja lesson from him so one day i will be able to talk about things like quilting or flowers and have it mean something in math like fractals. He talked to us about quilting and flowers and then said can you see the MATH IN IT???? Man what a jimmy joke about your mama.
All my other classes are lame but I'll be done soon. Anyways Rock on H3 peeps. J-rock

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Kimmy said...

She's awesome! I think we'd all agree.