Sunday, November 25, 2007


So Thanksgiving break was a blast, but a little bit tiring. We had a full house. We had Ryan and Nena and all the kids, my parents and corbin, and then Alysha and Brandon suprised everyone and came too. It was so much fun to be together with everyone, but I will admit that when it is at your own home and you are hosting that many people it can be a little crazy at times. At least for me....I find it kinda hard to relax when there is so many people and so much going on in my own home. Anyway Thanksgiving day was awesome. We had SO much food. We got together with all of the Frogley family, our group of course, and then some of September's family. We had like 5 turkeys....and enough food for like 2 more dinners once we were done. It was crazy. We had it at a church building which made it really nice....plenty of room and the kids could run around and play.
Other than Thanksgiving day we really didn't do much. One night us girls went out and saw a dollar movie after the kids had gone to bed. We saw Bourne Ultimatum which I have seen but it was still good the second time. I was really tired and ended up falling asleep for like 10 mins during the movie...I never do that. I must have been really pooped. The rest of the break I didn't even leave the house once. We hung out and enjoyed eachother's company, and tried to keep all the kids from destroying the house or going completely stir crazy.
After everyone left today I had to clean. I know I shouldn't be doing that on sunday, but I can't relax even a little if my house is trashed. Plus I knew I had to come back to work tonight so I knew it wouldn't get done for a while if I didn't do it.
Anyway I know this is totally boring, but now I am just preparing for Tayden's arrival. I am so excited...and starting to feel a little nervous. I am so blessed to be at the place I am in my life right now. I love my husband and son, and my wonderful family. I really am so lucky.

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