Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well what can I say....we had a really good weekend and a great Christmas. Jared's grandma and grandpa Bergquist ended up coming to visit for the weekend to spend Christmas with us and to see the new babies. It is always so much fun when they come. We usually end up going out to Jared's parent's house and spend the whole day over there so that we can get as much time with them as possible. I think that's why his grandparents like coming to Boise for Christmas so much cause they know that all of us will pretty much drop everything to spend as much time with them as we can. I just love them so much. Grandpa is so sweet and caring, and just cracks me up. Anyway we spent Friday night with them and ordered chinese food. Then saturday we all got up and went out there to attempt to get a family picture....that was a little scary, but I am sure we got at least one good one. Then we all finished up some last minute shopping for Christmas. Then Sunday we went out there and it started to snow. It was so pretty and Boston wanted to go outside so bad....of course I didn't have his coat or anything with me, but we managed to find some stuff around the house and he went out and played with Keaton and all the big boys for a while. When we woke up Monday morning with had TONS of snow. It made me so excited that we might have a white Christmas. Monday night we had a nice Christmas eve dinner and a great Christmas program with the nativity, some great stories, and we ended it with the Joy to the World movie. It was funny cause we have just enough kids now that we tried to have a double nativity with two Marys, two Josephs, and two baby Jesus. We figured with two we would at least have one nativity that would end up cooperating.....well we were wrong. I don't think we could even get them all to hold still for just a picture. Our kids must have way too much energy.
Christmas morning we got up and took our presents over to Frogley's to open up over there because we didn't get a Christmas tree this year. I know, say what you want....we know we are totally lame, stupid, WRONG, and we have learned our lesson. I don't have a good excuse. We will never go without a Christmas tree again....it just wasn't the same spirit not having our own tree. So anyway we opened our presents over there so we could do it by the tree and everything. Boston loved his gifts. We just got him one big gift this year....a train set. He was really excited and totally got spoiled by his grandma and grandpa too so it was all good. Then we did breakfast with everyone else and did our gift exchange. The rest of the day we hung out and visited and watched a movie. It was so nice to be all together as a family. I truly love the holidays and the spirit it brings to our family. It is such a great time of year. Now I have this weekend to look forward to. We are blessing Tayden so my parents and Ryan and Nena will be here. I am really excited to see them. Pictures to come soon of our holiday.

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