Monday, January 14, 2008

My Baby is Sick.

It all started over a week ago when Tayden started getting really congested at night. So I gave it a few days and then called the dr. He told me that they pulled all the over the counter decongestants for children under the age of 5 so all I could do was give him nasal saline drops, suction his nose, and use a humidifier at night. So we have been doing that for over a week and then on friday he started getting a really wet cough. Well by Sunday he was coughing so much and had so much drainage that he would go into these fits and cough until he would choke and then vomit. I am not talking baby spit up....I mean full on vomit....with all this mucous and milk. It was really bad. I felt so bad....I didn't know he even had that much in him to throw up. So I called the dr. today and he wanted to see him. Good new is that he doesn't have an ear infection or a sinus infection....this is good cause if he were prone to them then he would probably already have one. Bad news is that he has a lot settling in his lungs and chest and the dr. doesn't want it to turn into pneumonia. So if he isn't any better by friday I have to take him in again. I hope it clears up on his own. As for now I think he is trying to sleep it off. He slept last night from 11:00 till 9:00 this morning when I had to wake him to eat. I think eating is just really hard for him now too cause he can't really breath and he has all that drainage in the back of his throat. I guess it can't be affecting him that much though cause he weighed 12 pounds at his appointment. Regardless he goes back in for his 8 week check up next week so we will see.


angie said...

a sick baby can't be a happy baby. poor kid. hope he gets better soon.

Mandi said...

I just can NOT get over how different he looks from crazy. What a cutie.