Thursday, January 03, 2008

What Will He Say Next?

So funny story....I have been trying to read the scriptures with Boston and say prayers with him each night before he goes to bed. So the other night we got home kinda late and I was rushing to try and get him ready for bed so I could feed Tayden. I was changing his diaper and putting on his pajamas and as soon as I stood him up he said "I have to get the pictures." I said, "what pictures?" He was like, "the ones in your room." I was like, "Boston no, come on it's time for bed." But he insisted, "No mom wait one minute." So he went into my room and came out with my scriptures, and said, "see mom these pictures." I just laughed. I guess this child of mine will make it easy to keep one of my resolutions. I thought it was so sweet.
Then the next day I was eating some sunflower seeds that were already out of the shells. He asked to taste some so I gave him some and he was like, "oh these are so deyicious!" Who is this kid? He makes me laugh.
I just have to say as most of you have probably heard we have another new addition to the Earl family. Collin and Mandi had Makenna on New Years day. She is adorable. All these cousins so close in age!


Jeff and Megan said...

That is so funny! It's so cute how these little angels of ours say the cutest things...and most of the time it's when we need a good laugh. luv ya- megan

mumovearls said...

"the pictures" that is great! seriously that kid is so vocal it's hilarious give him a hug today from me -nena