Saturday, February 23, 2008


Boston has been cracking me up these days. His newest thing is that he walks around telling everybody including complete strangers that he speaks spanish. I think it is so funny. His spanish is getting better and better each day. He repeats everything Jared says to him in his sweet little "spanish" accent. Anyway the other day we were getting the oil changed and there was another girl sitting in the waiting room with us....Boston turned to her and said, "Hey I speak spanish you know." The girl just looked over at me and smiled, then he continued, "after the car gets fixed we are going to the tienda....that means store." This is only one of many recent situations in which Boston has to explain to everyone how he knows spanish. Too cute.
Then the other night we were driving home and it was pretty late. We stopped to get gas and Boston said to me, "hey mom yook" holding out his pointer finger. I couldn't really see what was on his finger so I said, "what is that a booger?" He responded, "Nope," and then stuck whatever it was into his mouth. He then got a funny look on his face and was like, "ewwww." So I was like, "what was that?" He said, "I think it was a yittle piece of cereal...." I said, "where did you find it?" He responded, "On the bottom of my sock..." I laughed so nasty! Funny though.
Anyway that's all I got. I thought Jared would post about everything that has happened to him recently but I think he is still just waiting to see what happens with I guess maybe one day he will grace you all with his presence again and give you a little update. He doesn't want me I will respect that.

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