Monday, February 11, 2008

What Changed?

So we took Brandon and Alysha to the airport last night and I was so sad to see them go. Oh and my cousin Brandon we said goodbye to on Saturday night cause he was getting up early to leave on Sunday. He was so sweet and fun to have around. Man I wish all my family lived closer. Anyway we really didn't do much the whole weekend. Jared had guard so we spent a lot of time just waiting for him to get done to come and hang out. He took the guys shooting on Saturday evening and then they came back and we had a yummy BBQ. Other than that we all just hung out....we didn't even rent any movies or anything....that is so not like us. Alysha thinks she might just start flying up every three months to get her hair done cause then she can see me and it is so much cheaper for her to have September do it....I hope she does.

So now I am sitting here at home with the boys....Jared has gone to work and Boston is up watching cartoons and Tayden is still asleep. I have been so frustrated with Boston lately that I don't really know what to do. I just seriously don't have any patience for him especially in the morning. I don't know what happened but right when I got Tayden sleeping through the night till like 8:30 in the morning Boston has started waking up at like 6:45 or 7:00 and he will not go back to sleep. He screams from his room until I get up and then he wants to watch tv, and have his juice....oh wait and something to eat.....oh and then he has to pee. He is so whiny and impatient about it that I just get so frustrated. I know that is normal but he was so consistant about going to bed at 9:00 (which is so not early for a kid) and then he would get up at 8:00 or 8:30. It was perfect cause I could have had my kids sleeping till the same I could get some sleep! What changed? I am so bugged by it. And not just the sleeping thing...his whole attitude. Anyway I guess I will just have to deal with it.

On a better note....Jared got a call from the lieutenant from the Nampa City Police Department and he told him that Jared was number one on his list and that they would like to interview him. Wow....that's a big deal. I knew Nampa would want him....especially cause of his Spanish. I guess we will see what happens. He meets with them on the 20th for his oral and a polygraph. I know he will do good. I am excited for the changes we have coming....

Here's some pictures from the weekend....the girl with Brandon is Elise...He knows her from school and they drove up to Boise together...her family is from here.


Mandi said...

Sounds like yet another fun weekend! Can I just say I think we are totally getting worked on the whole family visiting thing!?!? I know we are in the arctic, but still! I swear you guys have visitors every weekend. I'm jealous,I can admit that! If Alysha is gonna fly somewhere to get her hair done, maybe she should come here next time and meet her niece. Ok, I'm done!
You all look great and I am so excited for Jared. Can't wait to see how the interview goes. He'll impress them, I have no doubt.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Good luck to jared on the interview! That is very exciting!

Oh and the sleeping thing... evan and Vienna are up at 6 am!!! Everyday!! So I feel you. And Evan gets up more in the night then the other two combined! I have never been able to figure it out. i am too tired and have just accepted it. I hope you have better luck!