Thursday, March 06, 2008

No Batteries...

I haven't posted in a while because the batteries in my camera died so I can't even turn it on to get the pictures from it and put them on the computer. So I will just give a little update until I finally get some batteries and put some more pictures on.
Tayden in doing good....still has a cough. The kid has been sick like have his life. It has been probably a good 7 weeks that he has been coughing, but it's not bad enough that it has turned into anything....just a cold I guess. He still is the happiest baby and so sweet. He smiles and jabbers at me all day long. I love it. He's starting to get a little more high maintenance when it comes to getting him to sleep at night...he just really likes to nurse and then be held a little to get to sleep. He doesn't do that at all during the day. It's ok with me though cause he sleeps pretty good through the night. He's still a tank and I am sure he got to be pushing 15 or 16 pounds. So cute.
Boston gets more attitude by the second. I really have to watch what I say around him. He has this blanket that he is completely attached is fleece and it has the ties all along the edges of it. Well he has this one specific strand of fleece that he calls his "big one." It is the dirtiest, nastiest piece of fleece on the entire blanket. It came untied and it's all stretched out hence the name, "big one." He always likes to hold that one piece in his hand and play with it and feel it between his fingers. I think it's a comfort thing for him. Anyway yesterday he was bugging Keaton so I said, "ok I guess it's time for a nap." Of course Boston freaked out and was like, "no no no..." So I told him to sit down and watch the show and leave Keaton alone. So he sat down and pulled his blanket up on his lap and said, "mom I need my big one..." I said, "ok get it, you can find it yourself." He says, "Mom I just need my FRICKIN big one!" I turn trying not to laugh and tell him that he doesn't say that word. He mutters under his breath, "I just need my frickin big one." Seriously...the kid has so much attitude. And did I mention he is still the most impatient and whiney child I have ever met.
Jared is doing good. He is still just working out at the guard and that is actually really working out well for us. We are really blessed that he has a job right now. He is still doing his online math class and even though it is really hard he is getting a 79% in the that is a plus. He is really wanting to try and get some kind of routine together so that he can start working out again and loose some weight....40 lbs actually. I have been trying to cook really healthy for him (which is becoming a new passion of mine, I love to cook and wish I had more time to do it and was better at it) and he just got some shoes and helmet so he could start riding his bike to work. I really hope he can reach his goal and just be healthy.
As for now I guess that's all. I am doing good....trying to get back to where I am comfortable with my body as well. I am back into all my normal clothes I just am not feeling quite as in shape and toned as I was . I am sure that will come as soon as I can get into a routine and stop nursing. I just have to be patient. I will post more when my camera is up and running.


Mandi said...

Sounds like everything is going really well.Except for poor Tayden and his cough. And man, that Boston is fighsty. I have started to cook a LITTLE healthier myself, although you know Collin is the King of all things fried! Anyway, kiss those boys...can't wait to see them.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

That made me laugh so hard! I can totally hear him saying that in my head! i had to take frickin out of my vocab awhile ago too. Good luck! Vienna however is my attitude child the things she says to me! And it's not repeating I swear she just naturally knows how to be that way!

Lindsay said...

I'm glad to hear you guys are well. Boston is hilarious. Tayden sounds like such a sweet baby too. That's awesome you are back in your regular clothes. None of mine fit yet. I'm still 15 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. Yeah, it's a little sad.