Thursday, April 03, 2008

I am in Trouble.

This little boy has a face that just melts my heart. I have a feeling he is going to use it to his advantage in the future. What am I saying....he already has me wrapped around his chubby little finger. Still sweet as ever....although he has reverted back to his newborn stage of not sleeping consistantly through the night at all, and he is starting to fight going to sleep during the day too. Oh if I could only get him to take a binky or something. I am sure it is a phase.

I have also come to the realization that my days of having a wonderfully clean and sparkling bathroom have quickly come to an end. Just mere seconds after cleaning the bathroom my sweet little boy who now pees all by himself jets to the bathroom and drops his pants ready to complete the task at hand. He has a stream of urine that is definitely not straight and narrow. Let's just say he still has difficulty keeping it pointing in the toilet (for those of you who had assisted my child going to the bathroom you know what I am talking about). So instead of my shiny clean toilet and is usually spattered with pee....all over. I am going to have to drop my OCD at least when it comes to his bathroom, and just let it be. If not I will forever be consumed with taking out the bleach wipes and doing a quick wipe down of the bathroom over and over least 5 times a day.

Boston has gotten smart when it comes to getting what he wants (like he wasn't already). He used to get a treat every time he went to the bathroom, but I have started telling him that he doesn't get treats anymore cause he is just supposed to go....he is a big boy. So now we have moved onto learning his ABC's and occasionally I will let him have a treat at the end of our "session" of learning a new letter if he has done really good. Today after he went pee he jumped down and said, "I want a treat...I mean I want to do my ABC's" Hahaha clever little boy. He knew that if he did his ABC's he might just get a treat since he wasn't gonna by just going pee.


Tom said...

Great pics! How cute!

Nick and Kristen Honeycutt said...

I need to immediately get on a plane. I miss these boys!! And for the record, I think one of Boston's "streams" missed my face by about an inch. haha.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Those chubby cheeks would melt anyone! how cute is he! Boston too for that matter. Your in trouble is right.

Jeff and Megan said...


mumovearls said...

You just need to buy the Lysol cleaning wipes! So when ever he goes to the bathroom you just wipe and *voila* it's clean again! Trust me I know all about pee in the bathroom! I got 3 boys

Look for those wipes at costco that's the best deal!-n