Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Life of a Five Month Old...

I have to just make a little note of some of the things Tayden is doing now....good and bad.
He loves to jabber and talk all day long and his newest thing is that he pushes his lips together and blows air and spit out. It's actually really funny and quite cute. He is eating his hands like crazy and drooling all the time. When I lay him down to change his diaper he scrunches up his legs and feet and always seems to get a hold of one of his feet. He loves to stand up and is actually really strong. I can hold just one hand and he can stand there forever. Jared likes to stand him up on one of his hands and balance him in the air....oh I love to watch his face when he does that.
So for the most part he is a pretty sweet baby...except when he likes to be just a little high maintenance. He all the sudden thinks he needs to be held ALL THE TIME. I don't know what it is...hopefully a phase...but the second you go to set him down he arches his back and starts to scream. He also fights going to sleep like you would not believe. You can't just lay him down cause I think he would probably scream for hours.....no use in trying to rock him cause he will sit there awake for hours in your arms, but no setting him down or even sitting down cause then he freaks out. I think he wants to nurse to go to sleep but I refuse to be a human pacifier...if he would just take the stinkin binky! So we have resorted to putting him in the swing and letting him fight it out in there, which he seems to give up the quickest there. Once he does start to fall asleep though...oh it's so cute....he hums himself to sleep. He is really starting to try and sit up on his own now which I think will help the overall situation. I haven't started him on solids which is funny because with Boston I couldn't wait to get him eating real baby food. I think this time around it seems like more of a hassle and I just thought it was way to early. I think I am going to start him now though and see if that doesn't help with some of the fussiness during the day. He still isn't sleeping like he was when he was first born....like 6 weeks old, but hopefully he'll get there soon. Other than that he is a pretty good baby...I sit back and compare how he is to what Boston was like and it just seems like now no matter how fussy Tayden gets it is still easier than it was with Boston. I think because this time around at some point during the day I get a break and I can hand him off to Jared....and maybe I have learned some patience. I remember when Boston was 5 months old there was several times that I would sit in my living room with tears rolling down my face cause I just didn't know what to do with him. He was fussy and high maintenance and I was all by myself. Now it seems like I can do anything or handle anything (to an extent) with my husband home....even when I have a fussy little 5 month old and a 3 year old that loves to push my buttons.


Anna Beal said...

I'm so glad you have your hubby home! You are an amazing person to have done that on your own. I honestly think I would have had a breakdown every day. Funny thing, my second is way clingy too. Good luck with that.

Kacey Nielsen said...

I did not figure out the human pacifier thing for the longest time. Way to hold your ground! And keep trying with the pacifier, Scarlet refused until randomly when she was 6 months old and it was a lifesaver!