Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Best Friends.

I was messing around with my camera last wednesday and it ended up turning into a photo shoot for Keaton and Boston. These boys are the best of friends...I am pretty sure they think they are brothers. It is so sweet to see what a special bond they have. They were cracking me up while I was trying to take these pictures. Keaton kept wrapping his arms around Boston and kissing him on the cheek. I kept having to tell him to stop it cause I knew if Jared and Travis saw that they would have a fit....they want them to be tough guys. Too funny....anyway here's a few.


Anna Beal said...

Nice job on the photos. With and eye like that you could probably make some cash.
I'm glad you were able to see Alysha. If you talk to her soon, please tell her hi.

mumovearls said...

Look at you with the camera! you're getting so good! Doesn't it feel great... how was CALI?... -Nena

Nick and Kristen Honeycutt said...

these are so cute- you did suuuch a good job! Yay!
And I hope tayden is feeling better. :)

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

You are getting ood fast Myca! The pics are great! Ilvoe the serious one of the two of them.

Harry and Jill said...

What cute pictures Myca. September gave me your blog hope youd don't mind me adding you to mine and taking a look. I love to see the Frogley babys. They are ALL so cute. Hope to see you next week... JILL