Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh What A Special Day...The 13th of June.

So yes the 13th of June is Jared's birthday. Jared is turning 29! Ahhh I can't believe it. Ha I love to make fun of how OLD he is getting...even though 29 really isn't old at all. I surprised him and got him a new handgun that he has really been wanting. I think he was shocked....I don't think he ever thought I would go and get that by myself for him. I was really excited to give it to him. Anyway, in celebration of my sweet husbands day I want to write 29 things about him that I love.
I love....
1.His big brown beautiful eyes that he just happened to pass onto our boys...and let's be honest those eyebrows are pretty perfect for never having waxed them before.
2.His perfectly straight teeth. He's never had braces, but man he has a great smile.
3.How funny he is. He always says that he was the "funny guy" that I wasn't really into, but that really was one of the first things that attracted me to him. He is so stinkin funny and always knows how to make everyone laugh.
4.That he can bust a move. I love being married to a guy that can dance. He has some serious rhythm and that combined with his dirty little mind...well let's just say he can get down on the dance floor.
5.The way he laughs when he thinks something is really's different from his normal laugh.
6.That he has a total ear fetish. He's always nibbling on my ears or the boys ears, or he likes to "roll em up like a taco and eat em."
7.That he completely adores me.
8.That he knows everything. He seriously has an answer to any question...and it's always a good literally can be about anything and he can give you an answer that totally makes sense like he has studied that subject his whole life or something.
9.That he is a worthy priesthood holder and that he leads our home.
10.That he is so patient....which is good cause we all know that I'm not.
11.That he is so tender hearted....especially with me and the boys. He rarely lets other people see it, but he really is a big teddy bear.
12.The way he is with the boys. He is such an amazing father. Period. I could go on and on...he really amazes me with our children.
13.His lie face. Hahaha yes he has this face he makes when he is trying to tell a lie, or play a joke on me, but if we are ever face to face he can't ever get away with it cause he makes the same face. Too funny.
14.That we could talk for hours. Whenever we are on a long trip we spend the majority of the time with the music off just talking....those have been some of my favorite times. I am pretty sure we have made the drive to Moses Lake several times with the music off the whole time....just talking.
15.His voice. A lot of people don't realize it but I am married to a choir nerd. The boy can belt it. He has an amazing tenner voice. I wish he would share that talent more often. It's funny to watch people at church because they don't expect to hear that come out of him....people are always turning around to see who it is singing behind them.
16.That he is really handy. He seriously can fix anything or build it for that matter....I mean it....anything.
17.That he speaks Spanish. I love that he is passing that on to our children. It's funny because I don't think he even realizes how often he answers me in Spanish cause I just don't tell him when he does it because I understand enough.
18.That is totally fits in with my family. He loves all of them and they love him. He is so close to all my siblings and their's like he was always meant to be a part of our family.
19.that he is completely his friends and family. He would do anything for them.
20.That he always has to be touching me in some way...whether he has his leg across my lap, or holding my hand, or leaning on me. If we are in the same room it's rare that we aren't touching.
21.That he is so friendly and personable. Even to total strangers....he's just so sweet.
22.That he is very protective of me and his boys. I always feel safe when I am with him.
23.That he knows how to calm me down and ease my nerves.
24.That he is always thinking the same thing that I am....he completes my sentences all the time. 25.That he has the most astounding memory. He remembers stuff from so long ago....or from movies he watched once when he was like 12. Seriously?!
26.That he always knows what I am going to say or what I'm going to ask when I have a question.
27.That he is so close with his family. I love that he has such a good relationship with his parents and his siblings because that's what I came from.
28.That he makes me feel special in some way every day. He told me today that my eyes looked really pretty without any makeup on.....come on now....
29.That he complements me perfectly....what I lack he makes up for and visa versa. I don't think I could have ever found someone that fits me so well.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Sweet! you two sound like your still crazy in love!!

lindsay>boo said...

Happy Birthday Jared! You are awesome!

mumovearls said...

Happy Late Birthday Jared! I love that you are part of our family! now we all need to move to Mexico and live on a beach... You could be the pool boy... just joking!

Mandi said...

I know I called you already, but happy birthday. We love you!