Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh Boston....

Just a few of the funny things Boston has said to me this last week.
I hand Boston a piece of food (I don't even remember what it was)....
Boston: "oh that tastes yike cow poop."
Me: (laughing) "What?"
Boston: "Oh I mean that taste yike chicken." "It's yummy yike the chicken from Chicken Donalds."
I don't know where he thought up cow poop....but funny. And yes he has been calling Mcdonalds chicken donalds for some reason.

I am getting mad at Boston for bugging Tayden...
Me: "Boston leave him alone...One, two,..."
Boston: "tres!"
Me:"Ok...Uno, Dos,"
Boston: " don't speak spanish...only me and dad do. I say uno, dos, tres, you say one, two, don't speak spanish."

The kid seriously cracks me up.

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