Thursday, August 21, 2008


It's weird to me that I even have a child that is old enough to be starting preschool. Today we had an hour long orientation for Boston's preschool that's going to start next week. Of course you always wish that your child will behave, participate, listen, and not be shy.....well Boston was the complete OPPOSITE of that. I think it was mostly because I was there with him. He was not only being shy, but he was being naughty and bratty. He kept saying, "I want to go home....I don't want to color....don't sing!" He was pushing me and hitting...he doesn't even act like that at home. I was so embarrassed by how he was acting. And what do you do? It's not like you can really discipline him with everyone sitting right there. I wanted to beat him....really.
So I hope that next week will be better....maybe he will be excited and act like a totally different kid when I am not there....he doesn't act like that at nursery so I am guessing that's what it was...I hope.
Anyway I finished the second book in the twilight series....I can' wait to start the third. Oh and Jared and I are leaving tonight for California. We are going to help Brandon and Alysha move, and paint, and clean....yeah doesn't sound like all the much fun, but the good part is that I am leaving BOTH boys. I have yet to do that since Tayden has been around. So I am excited to see my sister and my mom (she is going to be there helping too) without having to worry about Tayden taking a nap, or eating, or fussing....or whatever else. Yipee....who would have ever thought I would be so excited to help someone move and all that?


Tom said...

Now I know that you have arrived as a mother!

da Bergs said...

HAHAHA! I love Tom's comment! It is so true! Our cute little "perfect" children! Have fun in Cali!!!

Nathan and Hailey Frogley said...

I third TOm's comment!! Preschool will be fun, and from my experience, they always act different when mommy or daddy are gone. Yellowstone looked soooooo fun, wish we could have been there. Jenny finally looks prego!! Yeah, Ijust realized, when we get home in oct/nov, she will be sooooo due, maybe already! can't wait to see you guys next week!

mumovearls said...

Dad!... see people, this is why I leave my kids as much as I can. It's liberating. Have fun in Cali!-n