Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tayden is 10 months.

Wow so I can't even believe that Tayden is just 2 months shy of being a year old (on the 27th). The time has gone by so stinkin fast. Here is what he is up to these days.
He has added "hi" to his is really cute. When I go to get him up for a nap the second I bring him out of our closet (yes he is still sleeping in our closet) when he sees Boston he smiles and says hi in this really high voice.
He still isn't crawling but really wants to be walking. If he is even close to anything that he can pull himself up on he will make his way over to it...I guess by kinda scooting himself, and pull himself to a standing position....especially if it's me or Jared he is close to. We try to see if he will walk to one of us without help, but he keeps a death grip on our fingers, and if we some how get it loose he will stand there for a few seconds and then close his eyes and free fall forward to whoever is there. It's pretty funny to watch.
He still has just four teeth...I have included a picture to show how funny his top teeth look....big ol' gap...they look like buckies.
He loves any food or real food...and he will actually hold his bottle himself now.
He's still a pro at sleeping....I just wrap him up (I know he is a little old to be swaddled) and lay him down with his binky and he puts himself to sleep. I don't think he really needs to be wrapped up or the binky to get to sleep, but I do it anyway.
He clicks his tongue all the time...a trick he learned from his dad I think.
He is still sweet as ever....although he has become a little more fussy these days, but I think it's cause he wants to be up and moving....he only gets mad when I put him down and walk away.
I love this little guy....I think he might just be our little mellow one...he really is such a joy to have in our home. It is a regular occurance to find us all just sitting and watching him...he is quite the entertainer.
So here is the funny teeth shot....look at those chicklets.....

Haha I love this one of both boys cause I think Tayden's face is hilarious.


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

he's so cute. Those pictures are adorable. What kind of a camera do you have?

Tom said...

So cute! Please email me the pic of the boys!

mumovearls said...

ok these are great pictures! I can't believe ow big that little boy is getting! kisses from auntie!-n