Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Time Flies

Well I haven't graced my wife's blog for a good while now and I thought that I should. The past 6 months or so has been flying by with all the "work expectations" and all. I learned a lot in the past 9 months. The things is is that the lord will do things when he know it's the right time. I really like to think that I'm a patient person but back in Jan I was really kind of upset that the things that I had chosen to do with my life were not falling into place. I now see that it was good for me to be humbled and not be involved with the group from Jan. I have had some opportunities to listen to the spirit that have given me insight on how my wife works........she is one of a kind and she is a good mom and wife. She has these things that she does to let me know she wants me to do something but she never has to say anything. i just have this idea pop in my head. I then present this to my wife thinking the whole time that it is a good idea and that it was all mine. She then says "Yes i think so too I thought of that just minuets ago" We always have these special days that are usually Friday because I don't work. We get to spend all day together going to the mall and hanging out with the boys. She has also been my right hand woman....So picture this we are at Yellowstone National Park and there are foreigners everywhere. Some are rude so I like to voice that to my wife but it is usually in the car after the fact. This time as i was floating in the water at the river in YStone I thought that I would try something I hadn't ever done before. I shouted to my Hot wife from the river in SPANISH and said what I needed to say not thinking that she would return any response but huh?........ to my surprise she said, "Yea I know there is no doubt about it"........I was the one that said Huh? she and I talk in Spanish all the time now. She does does the talking in English but understands me in Spanish. So now i have to speak really fast so she cant understand me but that won't last long. She can translate word for word. She has some talent Ladies and Gentlemen. She Blows my mind!

I have enjoyed being home now for sometime. I have been able to see the things that Tayden does that I missed out on with Boston. He has such an attachment to me. When I come home from work he get really hyper starts to clap his hands for me when I come in the door. Boston just wants to fight and wrestle so It's WWE every night especially when mom's at work .

I'm really excited to start my new job. I don't have much left except my brother Brian is doing well in the Baltic Mission. He has already had a 45. put to his head. those missionaries are so blessed. Brian keep up the good work.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I love how you adore Myca Jared! And Myca way to go on picking up the language!! So Jared, bird hunting just opened up here... are you getting and itch to travel to Canada yet?? Kent's tkaing the 15th off work to go out....

Nathan and Hailey Frogley said...

THat is awesome! I think all the boys should be talking to their children in all the languages we know. wouldn't our family be sooo awesome. We could go anywhere!! That is sweet= way to go Myca!