Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tayden is 11 Months.

Ahh...I can't believe my baby is one month shy of a year! The time has flown by. This child continues to entertain me day after day. He is so sweet and bright. I really feel blessed to have my beautiful boys. Ok so here is what Tayden is up to these days.
1. He is crawling....for real now. All of a sudden today is got on his hands and knees and took off. Now that he is getting the hang of it he already seems to be more self entertained.
2. He still loves to pull himself up when he gets close to anything...and will take a few steps by himself to get where he wants.
3. He could easily be entertained for hours walking back and forth from my legs to the coffee table...great fun.
4. No new words, but he has started pointing at things. It's pretty cute....he will point to whatever he is looking at, and then point to himself and really study his finger like he is amazed that he can get it to do that. The boy has always had a fascination with his hands.
5. He makes this crazy face all the's like a mix between a smile, scary, and mad face. I think he just really likes to show of his teeth, which by the way...still only four, but I think one on top is about to pop through.
6. He loves food, and loves his bottle....ugh I am gonna have to break him of that. By this time Boston was already a pro with his sippy cup. I guess I just don't want to have to deal with it this time around...I am being lazy. I started mixing a little bit of cows milk in with his bottle this week to see how he would do and so far it's been pretty good. He struggle to poop the first day, but now I think he is getting used to it.
I guess that's all for now. Here are some pictures of the little man in all his glory...crawling and walking. Oh and there is one of the face...I am sure you can pick it out.
P.S. I just realized that today is the 22nd not the 23rd and that I was thinking that Tayden's birthday is the 24th when really it's the I am a little early....does that make me a really bad mom? Where has my brain gone?


Ashley said...

He is such a cutie. I can definitely see you in him as he gets older!

Nick and Kristen Honeycutt said...

I love the crazy face!

Mandi said...

Cute! HE is starting to look a little more like Boston to me... just with a little more padding!
He is darling,we miss you guys!

Mandi said...

P.S. No, you're not a bad mom. I am convinced we just lose more brain cells with each baby, so don't feel bad!