Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things that make you go Hummmm!

Where do I start??? I have some time to sit and relax. I just finished a work out and It's 1100. I know It is early to some of you but I have some serious things on my plate now and I asked for it.....and I love it. I finally have found what I want to do with my life. I don't know if my lovely wife has told you but I leave for the academy for 10 weeks. This should be nothing for my wife because 1. I get to come home on the weekends and have.....Quality Time!
2. she is the woman of the year with the time she had to go without me for 2 years. She kicks ass.

This should be fun. Now on to the point of this post and the things that make you go HUMMM!
1. my wife makes me go hummm. not in a perverted way mind you.... :)-
2. some food....does
the point is is that these last 7 years from the time that I met the love of my life have been the most A-may-za-zing. She has been the light in the home when there was none. She has been there for me to lean on when I felt like I was going to fall. She makes me hurry home to see her and that is with the Honey-do list. I dont take for granted the time that I get with her. We have a funky butt schedule that Mon. and Tues we fly solo and then from Wed on it's our time. I would never trade the 6 six if you paid me. I have thought about where my life is and where it would be without Myca and I just cant seem to get past the timme I saw her at the softball game........the rest is a blur. Plus I kick ass

I love you babe. I love that you love me. I know this is late but I wanted you to have this in your blog book and with limited time Happy Anniversery love.


Mandi said...

How sweet. Jared, I could totally hear you in my head saying every word of that. Glad you are so excited about your new career, and Myca is pretty amazing. You are both lucky to have each other. We miss you guys, and Merry Christmas!!!

mumovearls said...

Jared! ahhhhh you are so sweet! I (sniff) love you guys! (sniff)-Nena