Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Dreaded Talk.

Both Jared and I had to speak in church today. I freighted about it all week long....speaking in church terrifies me. It actually went really good though. I spoke for about 20 minutes on the atonement and having faith in Christ. Jared was left with like 10 minutes to speak so he ended up changing what he was going to talk about right before he got up. I am so glad he did. He did an awesome job. He spoke a little about his time in Afghanistan and having the light of Christ in your life. The spirit was so strong while he spoke, and SO many people came up and thanked us afterwards....they kept telling me what an awesome job with did. It felt good...especially cause I stress so much about doing a good job when I speak. Becky came and sat with the boys while we spoke. It was funny though cause she had to get up and move to the very back of the chapel cause every time Tayden caught a glimpse of us he would start yelling and get all excited. He wanted to run up and get us. Which leads me to another funny story...during gospel doctrine I was wondering the hallways with him (he is so ready for nursery) and I stopped for literally 30 seconds to talk to one of the ladies in my ward and the next thing I knew Tayden was long gone. I went searching for him and I couldn't find him anywhere. I started to panic thinking maybe someone had taken him or something. I walked by the chapel and peeked in twice (there was another ward having sacrament) but I didn't see him at all. Then I swore I could hear him yelling so I went back by the chapel and a sister came walking out with him in her arms, and she handed him to me and informed me that "he made it up to the stand and was wondering around and checkin things out up there." How embarrassing.....funny....but still embarrassing.


Alli Blue said...

I hate those panic moments! But at least he was found by a fellow mommy! Whew! We had a really cute little girl (maybe 1) wander into YW's. I picked her up and started walking looking for somebody with "the look". Then her dad saw me with her and jumped up out of his chair in the forier. He did not know she was gone! Ugh! Daddies!

Da Bergs said...

HAHAHA, I cant believe how big he must be!!! I wish I could have heard you both speak, I am sure it was wonderful! (Have a copy I could read???)

Kimmy said...

Yes, speaking in church is SO stressful. I haven't had to do it for quite a while, and I'm hoping it stays that way! Good job!