Thursday, April 09, 2009

Que Huboles?

So it has been a long time since I was on here. Well the news is that I'm pregnant......................J/K
there hasn't been to many new thing going on except all the training that I have been doing. It is fun but it seems like there is a lot of redundancies in training. I guess being redundant is what brings you home at night after shift. It seems as though with the economic struggles there are people who disregard the rules and norms that make us a safe country. There are also people who are just Stupid and never followed the rules and with that combination it makes a dangerous job even more so. I love it though it is always exciting...................kind of like Ass-Crack-a-Stan. I have had a lot of hazing from the other "old" guys on the force because they want to tease me for being a Frogley like the Grey wolf himself..................Det.Frogley.... There is no one else that I would want to be compared to then my dad. If I can do what he has done I think that I can feel good about my life. I love that guy.

Well the other fun things that have been going on are things like my boys are at the wrestling stage where its them against me.............that is great so I can beat them both while Boston shoots me with his Ben 10 powers maybe Grey matter, Jet Ray, Brain Storm.....the list goes on. Tayden is a cross between spider man and a spitting lama?????? They know that I'm the champion because I'm either Superman or Wolverine. The fight continues.......

My love is always on top of thing in the house. I come home and the house smells so good from either food or cleaning. I feel so blessed to come home from the job that I do to a peaceful spirit filled home. Plus when I walk in the door she always looks so HOT......Even when shes mopping the floor. She always worries about the things that are little to me but vital to the home and that's why she is so "one of a kind" I don't know what I would do without her. I always brag about her but who wouldn't right?

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