Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now? sneaky little one....some how managed to grab my cell phone out of my shorts pocket this afternoon and I didn't realize it until I saw him playing battleship with it in the blow up pool outside. Needless to say my phone is now out of commission. I did however find a random old cell phone (that I am sure our boys have been using as a play phone) to use for the time being. It works (kinda) and will have to do for least until I can get a new one.

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Mandi said...

What a coincidense. My ceel phone is MIA today. I REALLY need it. We are leaving for Denver tomorrow AND Kenna's Orthopedist appt.... I am SO frustrated. My fear is that little hands wondered off with it too...only, I haven't found it yet. Sorry about yours!