Monday, May 11, 2009

Very Busy Day.

Man today felt like a crazy day to me. We had Boston's first dentist appointment and Tayden's follow up appointment combined with his 18 month check up. Sigh...I felt sick of Dr.'s offices by the time I got to work to say the least. I woke the boys up early at 7:00 to be to Boston's appointment by 7:30. He did so awesome. They gave him some valium prior to the exam to help him was funny cause it made him just tired enough and loopy to make him a little entertaining. The first time he tried to get up (before they even started to work on him) right after he had taken the valium he totally tripped and face planted into the floor. I made him sit on my lap the rest of the time we were waiting to start. Once they finally started not one time did he whine or complain. They numbed him up, gave him shots, and they used the bite block and rubber dam and he sat there quitely the entire time....including the 30 minutes (YES 30 could have been longer I'm not sure) he sat in the chair with ALL that stuff in his wide open mouth waiting for the Dr. to come get started! What a trooper...I was so proud of him.
Then we went for Tayden's appointment. His face and everything looks really good and back to normal again...yea. He weighed 24.5 pounds and was 32 1/2 inches long...which puts him in the 35% for weight and 70% for height. So I think he is officially still smaller than Boston was...hard to believe. And he has dropped in the charts for weight...ugh...we better not have another picky eater on our hands. He seems these days to be going in that direction. Everthing I put in his mouth he spits out. I dont' know why....even stuff that he normally eats and love, he spits out or throws it on the floor. It is quite irritating. Tayden has quite the personality though. He has become so attached to his blanket (since the stay in the hospital cause he had it the whole time) that he wants it all the time. When I go to get him out of his crib in the morning he wraps it up in his arms with a tight little death grip and refuses to let it go....I still pry it from his tiny little hands and make him leave it...and then he screams the whole way down the stairs till I distract him with something else. One morning last week when I went in to get him he grabbed his blanket up really quick, schrugged his shoulders away from me like he was trying to keep it out of my reach and said, "nnnnooo" with a really stubborn look on his face. It was funny, but I refuse to let him carry it around and create crazy habits like Boston did with his blanket...we will not have that again. He isn't talking a ton, but there are several words he knows. I think the newest to his vocabulary is Baba...which means Boston...that's the closest he can get to saying his name. And the other night when Jared was saying good night to him Jared was like, "te amo Tayden..." and Tayden responded clear as day, "amo." It was so sweet.
Anyway for now I am trying not to stress about the insane amount of money we are spending and will be spending this year on medical and dental bills. These are the bills I paid just today (note: some of these bills I had been making payments on and this is just the amount I paid today to pay them off.)

Dr. Wilson (dental)-189.00 dollars
St. Alphonsus medical- 180.00 dollars
St. Lukes ER- 202.00 dollars
Dr. Rogers (ped dentist)- 206.00 dollars.

Yeah...kinda makes me want to vomit...take a deep breath....oh yeah and these bills have nothing to do with Tayden's hospital/ER stay. Or the rest of the work that Boston will be having done (3 more appointments.) Wow...what do I even sometimes doesn't it?


Mandi said...

I am so glad Bostons dental visit went well. What a trooper. And I totally know what you mean about the was bill night tonight here and it made me want to cry! Hang in there! We love you all!

Anna Beal said...

Good to hear Boston did good at his dental visit. My Sister's kid has to go in for a bunch of work and he won't even open his mouth for an xray! The Dr. says he'll have to go to the ER! And that is $3000. out of pocket just for the Hospital!!! Their insurance doesn't pay a penny! I told her she should try to convince the Dr. to try some Valium and Nitrus! I'm really glad Boston did well.

lysh said...

I think it's so funny that Boston tripped and fell...poor guy! I can't believe Tayden is getting picky...he was such a good eater. It seems like something always comes up so you have to spend money on lame stuff instead of fun stuff