Monday, June 01, 2009

25 and Hot

So I have been super busy with the Police thing and those of you know know me it has really been a great time and opportunity, non the less I still could not forget about the love of my life. She has been a great support and just gets it done when the business comes down the pipe. I thought that since it was her B day and all I would list 25 things that I love about her...........and It wont be here body parts 25 times in a row........or maybe I will?

1. She is very hot.
2.Hot body
3. She has some sexy hair. (Straight or curly)
4. She can cook, clean, and regulate on our boys all at the same time.
5. Never selfish.
6.Very tender with our boys even when they act like their dad.
7. Never complains.
8. She can run like the wind.
9. Her eyes
10. Her hands might be small but they are sexy.
11. The pride she takes in our house.
12. The way she loves me
13. Her mule have to ask her about those.
14. She always lets me bug her to the point she fights....that's sexy too.
15. The spirit she brings to our home.
16. The way she pretends to be interested when I talk about guns and knives
17. She has complete trust in me.
18. The way she puts her "Ice Block little hobbits" on me in bed.
19. Never in 7 years has she said shut-up to me.
20. She spoils me like a champ.
21. She treats me like a king....and that's really sounds gay but I don't know how to say it any other way.
22. Always teaches our boys when there is any free time.
23. She has some sexy soft lips...
24. the way she makes all her outfits look so damn fine.
25. She's hotter now then when we met.

So over half that list is something about her body I think. I don't care though. She is my one and only so I can brag her up if I want to. She is so special to me and boys we don't know what we would do without her..................actually we would probably eat out every night and live outside in a tent while showering in the sprinklers. Baby I hope that you feel like you were not forgotten on your special day and we want you to know that we love you very much

Love the Boys


Mandi said...

That was sweet J. We miss you guys so much! happy Birthday Myc, hope you got our message!!!

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...


Alli Blue said...

I think #16 was my favorite. Jason is the same way about trucks! ;)

Peggy Dee said...

Happy Birthday Myca! We love you...

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

that's the stuff!

Happy Belated birthday Myca!

Anna Beal said...

You crack me up! Happy Birthday Myca.

Da Bergs said...

THAT was sweet.... Happy Birthday Myca!!!