Friday, July 17, 2009

Captain Destructo with a shoe fetish.

I don't know when Tayden became Captain Destructo, but it is seriously driving me crazy! I can't turn my back for one second. Just in the last two days he has manage to....

Dump this entire jug of diet coke onto the wood floor.

Throw our neighbors little girl's leapster game into their pool.

Undue the entire role of toilet paper....or play in the toilet while rubbing the water up onto his face and hair.
Or I caught him walking around with my camera today. I am so lucky that I grabbed it from him before he threw it (what he tends to do when he is caught...)
Give him anything to eat and he chews it up and spits it out or tears it up and throws it every where.
Leave the office door open and he searches through the desk drawers to see what treasures he can find...pens, scissors, pins, staplers, permanent get the idea.

But....the boy has a serious shoe fetish. It is so so cute. Any shoes he can find he just has to try is adorable and hilarious. It kinda makes all of his rather irritating captain destructo moments seem like no big deal....kinda. :)


Alli Blue said...

What a stinker! Was that a 52 oz.-er???? Holy smokes! Good thing he is cute!

Tom said...

I am laughing so hard right now!