Thursday, July 09, 2009

Oh No.

Man the nasty flu bug finally hit Jared last night. We were all getting ready to go to the temple for Heidi...she is getting married on Saturday so we have a pretty busy few days ahead of us...not a very good time to get sick. Luckily he made it through the session and it was really nice to be able to go. It has been a while since we have been to the temple. When we got home late last night though, I woke up to him at about 1:30 throwing up. I feel so bad for him, but at least he has it now and get it over it. It doesn't seem to be lasting very long for anyone. Anyway I am up early to go take a few bridals for Heidi....I am really to come soon I am sure.


Andre and Lexi said...

Ew being sick sucks big time! I cant wait to see pictures and I cant wait to get there on Friday! YAY!

jenae waters said...

I am so sorry, that is the worst. I hope you guys can feel better soon.

Christy Beal said...

yuck!!!! we have been sick too with nasty sinus infections (again, yes its true!) but I wouldnt swap you for the barfing...(although I am one stomach flu away from my goal weight...yessss). I should have come over when you werent surfacing for our daily dates in the yard! Let me know if you need anything. I can come hang with kids while you sleep anytime!