Monday, August 31, 2009


I never thought I would say that 12 miles isn't very far to run....but I find myself more and more lately thinking and saying things like that. We are just three weeks out from our marathon. We ran 20 miles yesterday....and surprisingly I felt good. Now our long runs will start to taper down right before the big day is here. I am ready for it to be here and done now. I feel prepared...and kinda feel like this new graveyard shift is going to ruin all my hard work. I find it harder and harder to get back into the swing of running...when I am trying to get my wacky sleep schedule figured out. Needless to say this marathon can't come soon enough.


Kimmy said...

I seriously can't figure out how you guys can get your bodies and minds to do that!

Jeff and Megan said...

Hey good job...I drove 20 miles get donuts! uh, and ice cream. oh and mcdonalds!! :) j/k that is awesome...I always said I wish I had your discipline with fitness!! :)