Monday, September 21, 2009

Warms My Heart.

We have set a new goal as a family to read scriptures together and do family prayer every night. We have been doing really good. Even when we try and slack a little bit Boston is there to remind us that we forgot to read and pray.
The other night I was with the boys by I got them ready for bed and then we went downstairs to read and pray. After we had read our section out of the Book of Mormon for the night I told the boys to kneel down for prayers. Boston is usually really good about kneeling during the prayer and being very reverent. Tayden on the other hand usually gets the "fold your arms" part, but other than that he is all over the place....wondering around, standing with his arms folded, or being a little mischievous while we are trying to pray. So I was very surprised when I told the boys to kneel down and fold their arms and close their eyes that not only Boston did it but Tayden did too. I told them to freeze so I could get a picture. It was the sweetest puts a smile on my face to see my boys being so obedient and doing the things that I know are right.

Here they are in all their reverent glory :)

Oops...looks like they noticed me taking the picture :)


Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

What precious pictures!! Also way to go on the marathon!! You are amazing!!

Nicole Poulsen Christensen said...

so sweet!

Kimmy said...

I love it!

Anna Beal said...

Don't you love that they become the ones to put you in check?

Da Bergs said...