Saturday, January 09, 2010

An Update.

I think the blessings for 2010 have already started for us. Jared went into work this week (since he was the only person scheduled for nights) expecting that they would tell him this is his last week or send him home, but they didn't. He started to wonder what was really happening with his job so he went and talked to his captain and he told him that he is "good to go...and we still have a position for you." Wow. What a blessing. Jared thinks that several guys went and pulled for him cause he knows what he's doing and they really like having him there. So for now....Jared still has a job. Sigh...I feel a little less stressed.
As for me, I seemed to have turned a corner...probably like 3 or 4 weeks ago and I am feeling so much better. I am not sick anymore and if a miss a little bit of sleep I seem to manage ok. I am finally starting to get some energy back. I will admit though...I am nervous for baby number 3 to come. Some days I wonder what I got myself into. I am worried that I can't live up to the standards of a mother that I should be...I feel that way with just my two. I think part of it is because of my work....and I don't know what my work situation will be after I have the baby. So if I go back to graveyards I wonder if I will just continue to be a wreck of a mom. I just want to feel like I am doing what's best for my them enough attention, teaching them, playing with them, loving them....and some days...actually most days...I just don't feel like I am doing a good enough job. I hope that I can get there.
Anyway that's all for now...still stuck on baby names....I don't know what we are gonna name this little guy.


Alli Blue said...

That is awesome! And for your job...I am home with the kids all day long and still can barely manage. You'll find a way!

Christy Beal said...

You are a fantastic mother. And if it makes you feel alittle better all the young women at church call you "the really pretty one". So tehre! Youa re much more pulled together than you realize! I really want to help you out on wednesdays so you can have some alone/down time. Im in the prime of pregnancy right now so I totally have the energy and Brigitte will love it!

So relieved about Jareds job! Thats awesome. Im sure things will only get better from here on out. We dangle by a thread also so we know all too well the stress of 'not knowing' what our future is. You might see me in scrubs next year - who knows!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Don't worry, if anyone in your house is ruining your kids, its not you, it's your husband :) Just blame the husband, blame passing makes your life way less stressful!

Jon and I got in the habit of watching the credits after movies and read all the names in hopes of coming up for one for our kids. Our other method was picking out a letter of the alphabet and going back and forth coming up with every name we could think of. It's really kind of fun. Good luck!

Nicole Poulsen Christensen said...

Hey....just wanted to let you know that I share the same doubts and feelings all the time! Were headed to number four, and I'm so fearful that I'm not all I want to be. (and I don't work outside of home.)Your a good mom for even worrying about it. ;) keep your chin up and pat yourself on the back when you have done a good job. best of luck. Nicole

Tom Earl said...

One of several great moms that I know!

Sheri said...

I think its so easy to be hard on ourselves and pick out the things that we dont do well. I do it to myself all the time. BUT its harder to accept that we are good enough as moms and do the best that we can. You are a great mom!