Saturday, February 20, 2010

Would You Like A Fortune Cookie?

I have been in a serious funk. I have been so emotional and feeling really sorry for myself. Pathetic I know...Well the other night Jared and I finally got out for a date night and we went for chinese food with some of our great friends. The food was awesome and the conversation and relaxation was just what I have been needing. After our dinner the waiter brought us our fortune cookies....

Jared's read: When one door closes another one will soon open.
Mine read: You will soon come into a large fortune.

Hahaha wouldn't that be so nice if all our fortunes came true?

Anyway, on a better note my boys make me smile on a daily basis. We just got a new "family vehicle" that the boys love. I am still trying to get used to driving the "bus" compared to my little car, but I think I am going to really like it. The other day when we were out driving Boston was sitting all the way in the back third row seat....the black eyed peas song came on called "ima be" and Boston sat in the back quietly singing all the "ima be" parts. It was hilarious....he didn't know that we were paying attention and watching him, but it was so darn cute. Tayden is talking up a storm and is so animated that I could watch him for hours. I love it. He loves to do everything Boston does and tries to mimick him all the time. It is really sweet.


angie said...

sorry about the emotional funk..hopefully things will turn around soon. you guys deserve some good times and no stress!

Alli Blue said...

My kids love that song!

Peggy Dee said...

The little known 14th Article of Faith states, "I fortune cookies!" So there!!