Monday, March 08, 2010

A New Discovery.

My little fiesty Tayden can count to ten. It is so darn cute. He gets held up on 6 and 7, but if I fill in the blank he just keeps on counting.
How did I discover this? When I was counting to three because he wasn't listening to me...I started with "Tayden come here...1," and he turned and answered, "2, 3, 4, 5," I laughed and said, "6" and he smiled, "7" and then he finished "8, 9, 10." Smart little boy. Since we learned that he can do this I have been working on it with him so he can do it all by himself. I can't get video of it though cause any time I ask him to do it on demand (for someone other than me or jared) or for the video it usually goes something like this...
Me: "Tayden can you show me how you count? Start with 1..."
Tayden: "1, 2...pooh pooh. hahahahaha"
He thinks he is so funny.

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