Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Time.

I went into my appointment today totally expecting to leave there with another appointment scheduled for next week. But to my surprise...I went in and the doctor checked me and I was "2 1/2....almost a 3(I am sure she was being generous) and 90% effaced." Even after she told me that I still expected her to say, "ok we will see you back next week." But instead she said, "I am going to call the hospital and schedule you for tomorrow morning..." I was shocked and excited. Then she stripped the crap out of my membranes and said, "if that doesn't put you into labor tonight I will see you in the morning." That was definitely the best news I have gotten all week.
So our little man will not only share his middle name with his Grandpa Earl, but the same birthday. How special is that? Wish us luck!


Samantha said...

MYCA!!! Good luck!! I can't wait to hear how it all goes! Yay for babies!!!

Anna Beal said...

I saw the cute little video on FB! He's so sweet! Congrats. And btw...look at how "prettied up" you were.