Saturday, May 08, 2010

Heads Up Seven Up.

My doctor's appointment was pretty eventful yesterday. I went in and the first thing the doctor said to me (which I knew was coming) was that she was a little concerned about my blood pressure and my weight gain. Both were a little higher than normal for me. She said we would just have to keep a close eye on it to make sure that it didn't keep rising. That was the same thing that happened with Boston and they ended up delivering me 4 weeks early. Then I layed back for her to measure and check things out and as she was feeling my belly she says, "uh oh....I think that is a little head I feel up by your ribs." I laughed and told her that I thought that was his knee and that I am constantly pushing it down. She started laughing so hard at me and said, "that's not a knee...that's like the size of your's his head!" We were both laughing so hard. She did a quick ultrasound and sure enought the little man is breeched. So she decided that she wants to bring me into the hospital this week and try and flip him. She wanted to do it wednesday but after she explained to me all the possible reasons why she may end up keeping me and delivering me I asked her if we could do it Friday so that it would be closer to when Jared is supposed to get home. So Friday it is. I have to be to the hospital by 6 am. I am sure everything will go great and this little guy will do exactly what he is supposed to. :)
I tried to get a hold of Jared yesterday to tell him what was going on, but he is out in the "field" and technically isn't supposed to have his phone with him at all. Luckily he told them that he had a very pregnant wife at home and they let him keep his phone at camp to check it at night just in case something happens early. After getting disconnected once while trying to explain to him what was going on I finally heard back from him at like 10 pm. He's going to see if they will let him leave Thursday night and miss graduation on Friday so he can be here with me just in case they end up delivering me. So I guess I will cross my fingers that everything works out!


Christy Beal said...

oh my goodness!!!! I am really really hoping they can get that little guy flipped. AND that they let you be delivered while you are there! Please let me know if you need help with your kids on friday or thursday night. I know our house is crazy, but we have a big bed in the 3rd bedroom your boys could camp out in! I hope jared can be there - but if you want a hospital friend just let me know! I know you will never call and ask me for help, so Ill just start stalking you via phone and text :)

janae said...

Oh, Myca, what a pain! My last baby was breech, but they flipped him a week early and then broke my water to make sure he entered the birth canal head down. I know "good luck" doesn't really say it right, but good luck!

Mandi said...

I need to call you. MAn, I can't believe it is this close already!!! But, I am ready to see my new nephew!