Friday, June 11, 2010

I Suck At Life.

Last week Kaias had his 1 week check up and his circumcision. Everything went good with his circumcision, but he had lost weight since he left the hospital so they made an appointment for today to make sure he is gaining weight. I wasn't really worried because I think it is pretty normal for babies to loose weight at first, but I left the doctor's office deteremined to not only make sure that Kai gained some weight, but to try and get his days and nights figured out. So for the last week I have been waking him up during the day every 2 hours to eat. I noticed that when I started to pump this week (in order to start storing up for work) I wasn't hardly pumping anything and I haven't been leaking (too much info?) at all when my milk lets down. Then the last couple days Kai seemed a litte unsatisfied when I would finish feeding him so I literally would feed him like every hour. I went into the appointment today thinking that his weight would be up just fine and I was just going to mention that I was just a little concerned about my milk production (since this has been a problem both times in the past). Well I was totally wrong...Kaias had lost more weight. What the heck!? So now the doctor is putting me on 2 different medications to help with my milk production. I have to pump after every time I nurse him and feed him formula (from a dropper) after every time I nurse him. He doesn't want me to use a bottle cause then I am sure Kai would just quit nursing all together. He is hoping that the meds and the pumping will help bring my milk up to where it needs to be and that the formula will help him not only gain weight, but the strength he needs to nurse better to also help with my milk. The doctor said it seems as though my trouble with nursing and my milk as gotten worse with each child....geez. It is so frustrating when you feel like this is what you are supposed to do but you just can't. Isn't this what my body was made for?? So I am hopeful that everything I am going to be doing will make a difference and I can continue to nurse. We shall see.


Da Bergs said...

1st of all, you do NOT suck at life! But, dang it... hang in there, hopefully the meds will help! He is just darling!!! You are a great mom!!!

Erika said...

Hang in there. I never made quite enough milk. I did the meds and it helped while I was on them but not the whole time. I had to supplement with formula. They make a really neat little device that holds the formula and attaches to a tube on your nipple so that the baby "nurses" formula. That way you can stimulate your boobs to make milk and the baby can gain weight. Best of luck I know how fustrating it can be to not be able to do something that's supposed to be a gimmie.

Kacey Nielsen said...

Kai is the only one doing any sucking in that story so don't get down on yourself. He he he, catch that hilarious pun?

My trick to milk production is eating a lot of food that is creamy, fatty, and bad for me. It's also my trick for gaining weight post-baby. Works wonders for both :)

Good luck Myca!

Samantha said...

Oh Myca I hear you on this one. Been there, done that. I hope the meds work and it gets easier for you.

And don't forget- don't get too down on yourself if it doesn't work out. You have all these hormones running through you telling you that nursing is the only option. but if you give it all you have and it doesn't work out, that's okay too. You know? You are still a great mom, your body still rocks, and your baby is going to be okay. (haha can you tell I've given myself this pep talk before?!)

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

It does totally suck when your body just doesn't have it figured out. I have had to do meds the last 3 times. This time I am on a higher dose then before. I just focus on the part where I have modern meds that allow me to still be able to nurse. Pumping never really helped me, I lost my supply so fast that it was meds or nothing.

I hope that things settle in for you.

Oh and when I eat creamy and fat foods i totally have more milk too! Might help.

Good Luck! We'll be thinking of you two!

Anna Beal said...

I would be loving any excuse not to nurse :)! Really, I can't stand it. Don't feel so bad though. I hope it improves for you. Hang in there.

Brandon & Amber said...

Oh my goodness that doesn't sound fun at all! I am sorry! I don't quite know how it is to not have enough milk, I have always had enough to feed an army! I know you are a great mom, it'll all work itself out! Miss you tons!