Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Reunion Part 1.

I say part one, but really this is the second part of our trip. I stole some pictures from Crystal's facebook so that I could actually do a post. Once we get a new computer then I can actually post the first part of our trip and the pictures from that. So needless to say this is a little out of order.
We spent the first part of our trip with the Brent and Becky and Travis and September. We went up to Bryce Canyon for a little camping before we made our way back to Cedar city for the Bergquist reunion.
Most of the reunion was spent hanging out and visiting , laughing about old memories of the cousins growing up, dancing (you know I love a good dance party), singing, shooting guns, and really enjoying everyone's company. I have to say that the reunion was a blast. I forgot how much fun we have up there...seeing how it had been five years since we had been to that reunion. I hardly even saw Boston and Tayden cause they were just running around playing ALL day long. I love Jared's family....seriously LOVE them.

Ok so these pictures are a little random and out of is September watching the shooting festivities. We had a contest for each age group. The younger kids shot a BB gun and the adults shot a silence barrel 10/22 rifle. It was so fun to shoot. I got a bullseye on my first shot. :)

Grandma and Grandpa Bergquist, Brent and Becky, and Crystal.
Becky shooting during the contest.
Lexi and Crystal holding some of the babies...there were seriously so many babies there this year...I think there was 4 that were all new borns.
Crystal and Kai.

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