Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kaias 4 Months.

Wow this is my biggest child so far. My mom laughed and said that I was starving the other two. Haha it's probably true.

Here are the stats:

Height- 25.75 in 78%
Weight-16lbs 6oz 77%
Head-16.75 in 57%

Kai is still the sweetest boy ever. He sleeps through the night pretty much all the time. Although sometimes I think he knows when I am home cause he will ALWAYS sleep through the night when I am gone at work, but lately he has been waking up in the middle of the night when I am home. Huh...stinker. His eyes are still a grayish blue color and his hair is kind of a strawberry blond color. His hands and feet are always as a result are always stinky. Jared says they smell like Parmesan cheese...gross but funny. It's kinda funny. He is so wiggly. He is rolling over and loves to grab at things (like my hair). We love this boy more and more each day.


ashleyboice said...

formula makes babies seriously chubby. I love it.

Some of my kids had clammy hands and feet (get ready for stinky shoes when they get older!)...I used to say they smelt like a bowl of steamy I laughed when Jared said they smelled like parmesan cheese. It is so true.

He is so adorable.

Anna Beal said...

Better not blink ;)