Monday, October 25, 2010

Some Good Days Off.

Man it seems like my days off just FLY by. I hate that. I had a really good weekend though.
Corbin and his "lady friend" Megan surprised us and showed up at our place late wednesday night. The week just got better from there. We all had dentist appointments on Thursday which would usually be bad news, but this time we had ZERO cavities. Yea for us! I was very happy with that. Thursday we hung around with Corbin and Megan and then that night my parents got into town. I love it when my parents come to town. Friday we hung out and went and ate some yummy food at Idaho Fry Company. From there my parents went to do some shopping and the rest of us went up to check out table rock. I have lived here over 8 years now and had never been to table rock. I know. So disappointing right? It was really cool. Then that night we ended up doing pizza and hot fudge sundaes with the whole gang. We stayed up really late laughing and visiting almost every I shouldn't do that! Saturday the boys went hunting really early in the morning and then I ran some errands with my parents once the boys were back. That night we took Corbin and Megan with us to some friends house (from our ward) for a scary movie night. Holy. Crap. I haven't watched a scary movie since I saw "The Ring" when Jared and I were dating. It scared the crap out of me and I literally couldn't sleep for days. Hahaha. We only stayed for one movie (since my parents were home with the kiddos)...We watched "The Strangers" (they have a clear player). It was freaky. I think I had my eyes closed for like 3/4's of the movie. But it was really fun to get together with everyone. I think we made it onto the "invited" list for the yearly scary movie night...yes. :) Once we finished the movie we headed back home and then I went and picked up Alysha at the airport to surprise everyone. She wasn't supposed to get home till Sunday which would have meant that she would have missed everyone and meeting Megan. It was really fun that she at least got a little time with everyone and they had no idea she was coming. Again we stayed up way too late. :)
Anyway that was about it. Oh I guess two more things I wanted to remember about the week...some lady hit our car while Jared was dropping Boston off at school. Apparently she was trying to parallel park and just bashed right into our bumper. Jared was PISSED. I am so glad he was there and not me.
On Thursday we were all just hanging around at one point in the afternoon and Kai had actually been asleep longer than 30 minutes. I ended up taking a little nap on my bed while Jared was picking up his clothes in the room. It. Was. Heaven. I don't remember the last time I took a nap.
Oh one more thing...Kai has been waking up ALL night long, ALL week long. What the heck? They kid is huge. I know he doesn't need to be eating in the middle of the night. What is the deal? I don't know if I need to start letting him cry it out or what, but the whole cat nap thing in the day and then wake up several times through the night is not gonna fly. Just sayin.

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Kacey Nielsen said...

Awesome weekend! Can't wait to hear more about the "lady friend" :)

p.s. I so do not think it is too early to let Kai cry it out a bit. Sleep is essential to all involved parties. just in case my vote counts!