Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poor Baby.

Kai is so sick. He is actually so pathetic and miserable it is kinda cute. Is that bad to say? Jared said when he was trying to feed him while I was at work he would stick a bite of food in his mouth and Kai would just make a really sad face and start crying and drop his head and let all the food fall out of his mouth. So sad. He had a fever of 102 yesterday and sounded like he was drowning on his own mucous. I took him in today and sure enough he has a double ear infection and a sinus infection. Poor guy. We got him an antibiotic so hopefully he will be back to his happy self soon.

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Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Mason got a stomach bug for the first "illness" he has had ine his short lifetime. It was miserable. I hate seeing them sick. I did love his snuggliness, though! Poor Kai... get well soon!