Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kaias 10 Months And A Rooster Tail.

Ok so this is a few days early, but I thought I should get it done while I have the time. Kai is the sweetest little man ever. He is all over the place and pulling himself up, but not doing a real crawl. Some how he manages to get where he wants. It is hilarious. He is in need of a serious haircut. He has a full on rooster tail. His hair cracks me up. The little man has 8 teeth as we speak and I am pretty sure he is teething. His cheeks are constantly red and he's drooling and sticking everything in his mouth. He loves real food and it kind of over the baby stuff...although I still try to give it to him.
See what I mean about the hair? :)

These next two pictures are so funny. He looks like he's trying to smile like a big boy.

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