Friday, April 08, 2011

So Random.

Just a couple things.

The last two days in a row I broke some kind of glass jar at Homegoods. Talk about random and embarrassing. I guess the first day wasn't really me. I was rounding a corner with Kai in the cart and he grabbed this ginormous cat statue and dropped it on the floor. It was pretty ugly....I don't think they will miss out on any revenue with that one. Seriously. Kai did them a favor. :)

Kai climbed up and fell out of his crib yesterday. Again...I have never had a kid like this. I guess it's time to lower the crib again.


Shelly said...

Just the fact that you were at homegoods two days in a row proves that you had two better days than I did!! Regardless of how many jars were broken!! At least he didn't break a jar in your cart you were wanting to purchase!

Shelly said...

Oh- and THANK YOU THANK YOU for not having thAt stupid comment word verification crap on here!! I HATE that stuff!! :). It's so refreshing to just be able to type your message then hit "publish comment".