Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Childs Prayer

So tonight I got the opportunity to catch my boys saying their prayers. I always pray in spanish with them and tell them it's time for their "secret Prayers". In my house growing up my mother would always say that we needed to take the time to say our Secret prayer. I think my Grandma Carlin used to say that.

Well tonight after I had to answer the 50 questions my boys ask before bed...like all children do (I used to do it so I could occupy my dads attention to have one of my brothers escape the room to watch the Cosby show) I closed the door and heard my oldest Boston start to pray.

It went something like this:
"Padre Celestial...I mean heavenly father please bless mom at work. Bless the prophet and the bishop. Bless the guys like my dad and Uncle Travis who wear the Army stuff to help protect the world. Bless the missionaries. Bless the people of the world not to be bad. Bless all the things that I don't say." He went on for sometime and I was about to walk away when he started to say what he was thankful for.

It went like this:
"Thank you for Tayden and Kai because I'm their brother and can play with them. Thank you for the gas in the cars. Thank you for my Uncle Corbin can be my Uncle......( yeah that is random crap but I guess he loves Corbin haha). Thank you for Brandon and Brandon and Corbin and Alysha and that other guy (haha john) that they can come visit. Thank you for Jesus Christ and that he loves the world. Thank you for my dad and that he can get a job that he likes and wont be mad." Children notice the smallest things. They can tell when you aren't happy and show that you aren't. I don't even get mad at them....that much :)

This is where it starts to get funny. Boston ends and Tells Tayden to say his prayers. They argue about how to say certain things. Tayden says "bless I can go to school..." and Boston chimes in and tells Tayden that school is fun and he can't go yet. That starts a yelling match. They don't even yell words they just yell...it ends and Tayden starts his prayer again. Tayden says pretty much the same prayer except one detail. Tayden ends his prayer like this.......He says, "bless me cause I like Chocolate milk...." LOL. Then Boston tells him that he can't say it like that and that he has to say "in the the name of Jesus Christ Amen." And Tayden says, "no I don't Boton." And Boston says, "yes you do Tayden." and Tayden says "no I don't." So Boston says, "fine, I'm gonna tell dad..." So Tayden says, "name of Jesus Christ amen...there."

I had to leave the door way like a ninja so they wouldn't hear me trying not to shoot my diet coke out of my nose.

I had to write this mainly because mommy needs it for our family blog journal and it is something that I don't want to forget. I listen to their prayers and they have such faith that things will always be alright. They just live the best way they can while the world outside their bubble just plain sucks. I realized again that it is my children who have taught me to trust in the Lord with all my heart and it will just work out. Sometimes that is easier said then done. I see the unjust and terrible place the world can be. I have been to war and seen death and destruction. I have been dealt a trying hand for the last two years, but in that all I have turned to the Lord, family, and my calling in the ward for the support I needed. Listening to my boys tonight gave me an "AHA" moment. I havent had enough faith that "it"....whatever "it" might be will be where I need to be and want to be.

Peace J

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