Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some Milestones...Or Just Updates.

-Kai is taking more and more steps each day. He is getting brave.

-A couple days ago Boston not only swam all by himself but finally taught himself how to start riding his bike by himself. He knew how to ride without training wheels, but he always needed someone to balance him and start him. I bribed him. :)

-We all went to the dentist. I didn't have any cavities and neither did Tayden! Yippee...maybe we finally did something right. :) Boston on the other hand had one (so maybe it really is just genetics) and so did Jared.

-The weather has been warm and so nice. I can't wait to spend the summer outside playing with the boys.

-My knee has still been really bothering me so I went to the physical therapist this week and he said I have IT band syndrome. It's pretty common in runners and is a form of "runners knee". He worked me over and gave me several things to be doing for it and to work on it. He thinks I will be able to run the race which is good. I just hope I don't get behind since I am having to take a week (or more) off.

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