Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boston 6 Years Old.

I decided I better take Boston's 6 Year photos while I had the camera out and was already shooting. I would have loved to take him somewhere really cool and shoot some fun pictures with him, but that's not really doable right now. I don't know how cooperative Tayden and Kai would be in the back of a alley or on a street downtown while I am trying to take I guess these will have to do. :)

This last picture is hilarious. This is the face Boston makes whenever he thinks I am being crazy. Like if I am in a hurry and I am trying to hurry the boys along or if Boston is doing something he knows he's not supposed to and I am getting after him he will make this face and then yell in a high pitched "Special" voice and yell, "ahhhhhh." I don't know if this is his impression of me being crazy, but it ALWAYS makes me laugh. So I guess he knows how to lighten the mood. :)

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