Thursday, June 23, 2011


Our bishopric just got released...I knew it was coming. I think a big change like this is always hard for everyone. What makes me really sad is that the Brother who was the Elders Quorum President (Mike) with Jared got called as one of the new counselors. Which means Jared got released because they will have to call a new President. We are both really sad because Jared has loved his calling and serving with Mike. They have become really good friends. I was so nervous when he first got called because it was right after I had Kai and was struggling with postpartum. It really ended up being a huge blessing for us. I felt like it really gave Jared the opportunity to show how he could not only lead, but serve in the church as well. I am so grateful that Mike saw that in Jared and gave him the opportunity to step up to the calling. And I am grateful for the blessing that come with serving in the church. I will be curious to see what Jared's new calling will be.

Kai is walking really good now....It's more like speed walking. He still crawls a lot too, but when he decides to walk he is fast and pretty good. He can turn and get to where he is going no problem. I think he is going to be trouble really soon here.
He has started dancing any time he hears music. SO. CUTE. He does the classic baby rock of his chest or "chest pop". Sometimes he even lifts one hand like a little thug or like he's at a club. Seriously hilarious.

The weather out of no where finally got warm. The boys found some old storage bins that I hadn't filled with anything (yet) and took them outside and filled them up with water. They seriously played in them ALL DAY yesterday. Talk about a white trash kiddie pool Haha. They love it though. So I will leave it. :) I took some pictures that I will post at some point.

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