Sunday, June 26, 2011


Brent got tickets for all of us to go see the Circus. It actually was a lot of fun and the kids absolutely LOVED it. What a special treat for them! After the show we were all starving so we made our way to the ram and had dinner out on the back patio by the river. Dinner was SO good and the weather was perfect. What a nice Saturday...Jared couldn't be there so that was a bummer, but he did make it in time to meet us for dinner. :)

Here's a random shot during intermission. They opened it up for kids to ride the elephants and pony's and take pictures...of course we just let our kids look because it was a ridiculous 10 dollars to ride the elephants! Crazy!

Here's all the older kids enjoying the show.

Kai was getting a little crazy. He was hungry and tired and wanted to get down and walk and play. So he got passed around a lot.

Near the end of the show he was SO DONE. He kept crying at all the loud noise so Heidi finally figured out what would make him happy. He sat like this for about 15 or 20 minutes till the show was over. :)

Thanks to Grandpa Frogley for the fun night!! My boys loved it and it is always to fun to spend time as a family.

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Christy said...

we debated on the circus....but seeing as how Spencer can NOT even make it through an hour of church...we decided to veto. After seeing Kai's reaction I feel confident we chose wisely!
Boston and Tayden are the perfect ages to enjoy it though! So cute! Poor Brigitte, someday she might get to do real child activities.