Friday, July 15, 2011


Mandi is in town for the week and it has already been a crazy busy week filled with all the cousins running around, late nights, and sleep overs. I feel like I haven't seen my kids hardly at all. :) We managed to sneak in a girls last night with Nena, Nicole, and Stacey. We went to dinner and saw something borrowed. It was so cute. Of course we forgot to get any pictures while we were out, but we at least shot some before we left.

Marlee and Boston have been playing so good together. They have been so quietly entertaining themselves and thinking of fun things to do together. It's the far my favorite kind of playing. :) Yesterday they put together a haunted house. They came and asked me for markers, tape, and paper and then an hour later came and got us to check it out. These pictures don't do it justice because of the flash, but the lights were off in the room and they had really planned it out. It was so cute and so creative.
Here's a bat taped to the fan.

Them trying to be scary.

A zombie and an alien. So cute.

More bloody scary pictures on the wall.

A big zombie on the wall with bloody teeth. Sorry the picture is sideways.

This was by far the best part. They hung Tayden's batman capes on the wall as ghost and then put the fan under them so that they would move and fly. I thought the whole idea was so smart and creative!


Angie said...

that haunted house was super creative!! such cute kids.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

You girls all look so great! All of you have such luscious hair!

Very clever on the kids part!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Your kids have the best imaginations.